Committed to investing in the health & safety of our employees and guests

Domco’s employees are our greatest asset. In order to protect them, we are committed to a culture that promotes Health, Safety, Environment and Community as core values.

Domco is incessantly developing policies, procedures and safety initiatives to prevent workplace accidents and eliminate any adverse effects resulting from operational conditions. We work with our employees to ensure they know how to recognize and prevent injuries so they stay safe and healthy.

By nurturing a corporate culture of health & safety, we are demonstrating Domco’s commitment to our employees wellbeing, and our appreciation of their value. We are devoted to relentlessly improving our essential services, employee training, and encouraging greater employee participation in their work camp management.

Health & safety culture upheld to the highest professional standards possible Health & safety culture upheld to the highest professional standards possible

Domco's Health & Safety management system identifies five elements in ensuring a safe workplace and strong safety culture in our remote site operations:

1 Performance Assessment
& Auditing

Domco ensures the health and safety of its remote location employees by monitoring and conducting rigorous audits, internal controls and quality management. Our strong Health & Safety culture is upheld to the highest degree possible. Internal audits and evaluations provide management with objective assessments of our Health & Safety operations and practices, control systems, and up to date information in keeping with modern comptrollership principles.

2 Up to Date Training & Competence

Domco stresses the importance of its employees being properly trained and competent. We provide on-going training to reinforce and augment our already strong health and safety culture. Domco's Health & Safety training meets the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA's) standards and regulations. WHMIS, FoodSafe, workplace hazards and onsite job training are some of the courses that Domco provides its remote location employees who supply catering, accommodation and housekeeping services to businesses in remote sites.

3 Identifying & Controlling Potential Risks

Domco's employees, visitors and contractors partake in analyzing their remote work camp environment for safety hazards and means to mitigate possible risks. Hazards are identified through incident report forms, inspections checklists, observation and consultation, and regular maintenance checks through knowledge sharing. A hierarchy of risk control procedures, developed for Domco’s remote site locations, is used to help prevent potential incidents. Our camp management hierarchy consists of elimination, substitution, engineering, administration and personal protective equipment.

4 Accident Investigating
& Reporting

Domco investigates all accidents and incidents to determine the cause(s) and to prevent any repeats of similar kind. Accident investigating and reporting consists of gathering and analyzing facts, drawing conclusions and implementing counter measures that will achieve the best and most effective future results for our employees and remote site service providers.

5 Worker

Domco works with several organizations to get our remote site service providers rehabilitated and back-to-work as soon as possible. These programs help maintain good employer/employee relations, demonstrate that we value our people, and reduce the financial uncertainty and concerns of our employees about their future recovery.

6 Domco's H&S

Our purpose is to create long-term relationships with our remote location customers and partners by ensuring the safety of our on site service providers and guests. Domco's HSEC team consists of trained professional with extensive experience in the field of remote location safety, both in Canada and abroad.

Our remote site support services teams have a deep understanding of current HSEC issues and apply various means to achieve our main goal – ensure that everything we do is done safely. The success of our remote site support services depends on the health of our remote location work force.